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The dreaded “Bridesmaid Dress”

Written by Tania Atkinson

How exciting it is when your friend asks you to be a part of her special day by being a bridesmaid! Whether you know it’s coming or you’re utterly shocked when asked, it always elicits a nice feeling…at least for a short while.  After the screams and hugs and tears of emotion pass and the room quiets down, the realization that a bridesmaid dress will be needed.  And then the panic sets in…. “Will I get to choose the dress, or am I going to be assigned something?”  ‘How much is this thing of beauty going to set me back?” and of course “after I pay all this money for the dress, that I may not even like, what am I going to do with the thing after the wedding?”

Thank goodness for fashion trends!  And girls, the trends these days, are in your favor!

“You Buy it, You Pick it”

This is the best phrase a soon-t0-be bridesmaid can hear!  Whether it be that brides are giving up a little control or that they are finally listening to those horror stories of bridesmaids from time gone by (otherwise known as the 90’s).  Either way, we are seeing a lot more wedding parties displaying various style dresses and colors that the “wearer” has chosen, and therefore, could it be…likes?!



“I pick the color, you pick the style”

Okay, this may not be ideal for all you bridesmaids-to-be, but it’s a step in the right direction, and actually looks better in pictures.  This is kind of a “win-win” for bride/bridesmaid decision making.  (Or lose-lose if your a glass half empty kind of girl….).  In this case, which we see a lot of, the bride chooses the color but the bridesmaid gets to pick a style that is flattering to her body type and in a style that she likes and feels comfortable wearing.




“Here’s what you’re wearing, like it or not. But you can choose the color”

Another scenario that isn’t ideal for all body types, but getting to choose the shade means you can get close to what looks good on you. This scenario also looks beautiful in pictures and makes many brides very happy.




“You’re all wearing the same dress, but don’t worry, you can wear it again”

The dreaded lie we were all fed in the 80’s and 90’s!  Let’s be honest ladies….the only time those bridesmaid dresses were ever worn again was by our daughters when they played dress up or to halloween parties!  (Neither of those scenarios offset what we spent on those monstrosities).  However, I can now honestly say, you absolutely can wear a bridesmaid dress again.  Color palates are more universally flattering and styles are taken from formal wear trends rather then from a “bridesmaid-only” style.  And now that bridesmaids are given some choice in the decision process, we are seeing more and more bridesmaid dresses making reappearance at wedding by guests, and at holiday parties, mitzvahs and even out on dates!





So ladies, don’t despair! Brides and fashion designers are on your side!  For the most part, they want you to look as good as you can while making sure those pictures also look memorable (in a good way).  Embrace that bridesmaid dress and wear it with pride.  Walk down that aisle like its a runway at fashion week and show those guests that the bride has gorgeous friends, sisters, and sisters-in-law,  and rock that dress!


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