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To Wear White, or Not?

Written by Nicole Mitsakis

The first question most brides are asked is “what is the date of the wedding”? and the second is usually “what does your dress look like”?  Wedding traditions have drastically changed throughout the years and not because the new generation doesn’t care about tradition, instead, they are in tuned with wanting more of their personality in their day.  We tell all our clients that their wedding should be a reflection of them, what they value and cherish.  It should not be what your mother wants or what might currently be in style or trendy.

Wedding attire has really evolved and every year designers continue to produce some incredibly creative options especially when it comes to the “Wedding Gown”.  Traditionally, brides wore white, and there was usually lace and the sleeves were long. Now, brides are wearing whatever shows their personality.  There are still an ample amount of white gowns, but over the years we have seen soft colors like pink, blue, gold and grey, and most recently florals, start to make their way to brides.  Not every bride will want to wear a floral gown but designers have really done an amazing job with providing some beautiful and unique options.  Gracious Events have picked some of our favorite floral gowns that we have seen recently and just LOVE.  Whether you are a traditional bride or not as long as your wedding is a reflection of you and your husband-to-be you can not go wrong.


Dress by Igor Gulyaev,  Spring 2014 Collection, Photo via Pinterest


Dress by Igor Gulyaev,  Spring 2014 Collection, Photo via Pinterest


Dress by Igor Gulyaev,  Spring 2014 Collection, Photo via Pinterest


Dress, Paige by Jennifer Gifford Designs, Photo via Pinterest


Dress by Igor Gulyaev,  Spring 2014 Collection, Photo via Pinterest


Dress by Francesca Miranda, Photo by Sleepy Fox Photography, Via pinterest

Dolce and Gabbana Show Spring Summer 2009, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 25 Sep 2008

Dress by Dolce & Gabbana, Photo via Pinterest


Katie Slater Photography, Dress by Kathryn Conover Couture, Via pinterest


Dress by Igor Gulyaev,  Spring 2014 Collection, Photo via website



All photos via pinterest or designers website.

{Hidden GEM} Fabulous Frocks

Written by Nicole Mitsakis

This weeks’ Hidden GEM is a retail concept that has been literally a “hidden gem” for decades in Europe, and is now taking off in the US.  Fabulous Frocks was started by a young bride in South Carolina who didn’t want to trade style for budget.  Opening it’s first shop on Charleston’s historic Church Street, founder Sarah Black stocked only new or once-wed couture gowns with original minimum retail prices of $2,000.  This inventory allowed savvy, yet trendy brides to purchase their dream gowns for $1,000 to $8,000+ thus getting dresses they otherwise would never have been able to afford.


Fabulous Frocks boutiques provide one-on-one appointments in a fun and attentive atmosphere in all of their 6 locations.  Can’t find what you’re looking for, or you don’t live near any of the boutiques?  Not a problem!  All of the Fabulous Frocks boutiques have access to an online inventory as does the customer.  With a regularly updating inventory, there are always new designer gowns to choose from in every style and size.





Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 10 Promising Franchises, Fabulous Frocks has figured out how to give brides a couture bridal boutique experience without the designer price tag!


All photos courtesy of the Fabulous Frocks website.

“How to make your wedding cake an art piece using sugar flowers”

Now and again, we cross paths with some outstanding vendors that we just want to tell the world about because they are just that fantastic in so many ways.  So, we decided to offer a “Guest Blog” spot on our site to those rare GEMs we come across.  This week’s blog features the ever so lovely and talented Jennifer Williams, owner of Jenny’s Cakes.


The properties of sugar are amazing, especially when incorporated into a design for a wedding cake.  Gum paste, also called sugar dough, is a material used to make fine and delicate forms out of sugar.  This is one of our specialties and it can really make a wedding cake go from just a cake to a piece of art.  My favorite way to use gum paste is to make flowers out of it.  I started to learn this when a bride could not get her beloved peonies for her wedding so we made them for her cake instead. This provided a personal and sentimental element to her wedding while making her cake a real stand out of the day.

Image (2)

Sugar flowers are very time consuming to make, and every sugar artist has their own style.  I like mine to look life like and flowing, almost so they look like they are moving.  Each petal is rolled out with a tiny rolling pin, formed, and dried before putting the next petal on.  I take a lot of inspiration from artists who paint flowers as well as actual flowers.  After the flower is finished and dried it can be dusted with a colored dust, painted, or touched up with gold or silver.


Because of the labor involved sugar flowers can be quite expensive but they don’t have to. You can also get a lot of impact out of one large flower used as a focal point at a modest price.  Although technically edible, you would probably not want to eat these flowers because they dry quite hard. You can however save them and use them on an anniversary cake in the future, or preserve them in a dry place for several years.  I made a cake for a florist who was a groom and he made a topiary out of it and enclosed it in glass, which he now uses for décor in his home.



Your wedding planner can help steer you in the best direction when choosing a cake designer, since they are in tune with your style and design details.  The cake designer can work with you both and take it from there and come up with some very unique ways to use sugar flowers to make your cake a work of art.

All photos courtesy of Jenny Cakes and Nikki Cole Photography. 


{HIDDEN GEM} SpeechBooth

Written by Nicole Mitsakis

Gracious Events found this “HIDDEN GEM” a few weeks back at the BESWOON Event our team attended.  Let us introduce you to SPEECHBOOTH; your very own video message recording kit that arrives pre-assembled, is self-sufficient, and easily blends into any wedding theme with a clean sleek look.  Our team was immediately impressed with how user friendly and compact SPEECHBOOTH was, as not all venues have a lot of space for large photo or video booths.

Kit and Box 2.26 2

Your guests will LOVE the simple touchscreen design and the ability to record messages in high-quality HD video. Check out one of their real video sample or view their full product demonstration. We promise you will not be disappointed. “Speak now, or forever hold your peace”.


Jenn Meehan Testimonial: “I love this video… it was like having a next-gen Photo Booth at the wedding without having to lug in a giant booth…”

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