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{Hidden GEM} The Bejeweled Florist

Written by Tania Atkinson

This weeks’ Hidden Gem is something so fitting to the title: The Bejeweled Florist has been dubbed “The Queen of the brooch bouquet”.  The business based out of Windham, NH all began when Denise’s daughter asked her to make make her a brooch wedding bouquet so she could include her grandmothers’ vintage brooch.  From that one bouquet in southern NH, the Bejeweled Florist began.





The Bejeweled Florist has created masterpiece brooch bouquets for brides all over New England, across the country and even Canada, Europe and Australia!  Each bouquet is one-of-a-kind and painstakingly hand made with the the brides’ individual style and color scheme in mind.  They come in a variety of sizes so as to fit every budget and personal style.




The joy of the brooch bouquet is that after all the wedding day, it is something you will have forever.  Denise has made bouquets for brides as well as entire wedding parties.  She has expanded her creations to include boutonnieres, bracelets and adorned shoes.


All photos via Bejeweled Florist website.

Newspaper Club

Written by Tania Atkinson

After stumbling on this fantastic company, we just had to blog about their product!  We are always looking for new ideas for take-aways, invitations and announcements, and the Newspaper Club has the answer to all of those!   What’s more fun then getting an invitation to an anniversary party then in the form of a newspaper?   The Newspaper Club allows you to personalize a magazine or brochure, a tabloid or an entire brochure.


Started by 3 people in the UK who were tired of hearing that the era of print media was over, they created and printed a newspaper containing all things written on the internet, images and words.  After an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, the Newspaper Club was off and running!


These folks have not only created an innovative idea, they have also found a way to make it user-friendly and affordable to the consumer.  You can use their layout tools or if you are more “design savvy”, create your own using your favorite software.  The team at the Newspaper Club also discovered that most newspaper companies will allow you to use their press to do a short run, thus saving money!

This is just a sample of some of the corporate and social ways you could use print media to enhance your meeting, trade show or party.





{Venue Spotlight} Granite Ridge Estate & Barn

Written by Nicole Mitsakis

Gracious Events had the pleasure of spending the last week touring “all things wedding” in the State of Maine.  We started out at Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine for Brand Camp 2015 put on by Tide Creative.  It was an amazing experience to not only listen and learn from the incredible speakers but connect with some really FABULOUS creative professionals throughout the Wedding Industry.  Here is New England we get a lot of interest from couples wanting to plan a rustic barn wedding but depending on the barn it can come with challenges as some have been around for years and may lack certain amenities that you would like for your guests.

barn wedding maine-7

GEM is so excited that we now have a NEW barn venue to share with all of  you!  While at Brand Camp we met Jill Fratianne co-owner of Granite Ridge Estate & Barn located in Norway, Maine.  Jill was so nice and shared all about the barn and how it’s actually brand new…YES you read this right, we now have a NEW barn venue in the New England to work with. Before our conversation with Jill was even over I knew I would be featuring Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in our “Venue Spotlight” this week.  There are no words to express how beautiful this venue is so I will let the photos and VIDEO TOUR be my words but wanted to share a few key points.

barn wedding 18

barn wedding maine-6

•  Inside the barn
•  Wooden wedding site (onsite)
•  Classical New England white church

barn wedding maine-10

Barn Wedding 13

Barn Wedding 14

•  Spacious newly constructed rustic bathrooms
•  Seating accommodations for up to 233
•  Side patio for cocktail reception
•  Panoramic mountain views
•  Ample room for dance floor
•  Wall of windows
•  28ft cathedral ceiling
•  Hand crafted timber frame Construction

barn wedding maine-9

barn wedding maine-5

barn wedding maine-6

barn wedding maine-4

barn wedding maine-3

barn weddings maine-1

•  Outside hot tub
•  Commercial grade stainless kitchen
•  Large granite fireplace
•  18ft cathedral ceiling
•  Timber frame construction
•  Comfortably sleeps 13-18
•  Panoramic mountain views
•  128 Private Acres
•  Caretaker on-site

barn wedding 16

barn wedding 15

barn wedding 12

 All photos courtesy of Granite Ridge Estate & Barn website

{VENDOR SPOTLIGHT} Blackbird Doughnuts

Written by Nicole Mitsakis

The older I get the more I realize that “everything” comes back around!  It’s been a while since doughnuts have been the topic of conversation but this past Wednesday night our team attended the Knot’s Event celebrating everything NEW at 90FS.  We found ourselves at the table of Blackbird Doughnuts checking out their incredible display.  It has been YEARS since I have had a doughnut but after a taste of their Lavender one I was hooked and knew right then and there I would be blogging about them. Ironically, we had a meeting in Boston the next day and you would not believe who was across the street…YES you guessed it, Blackbird Doughnut’s store front!  We completed our meeting and headed (ran in heels) across the street to further explore their doughnuts and wanted to share it with all our readers because “Who doesn’t LOVE a doughnut”?


Blackbird Doughnuts is located in the South End of Boston and is the only artisan doughnut shop in Boston. Everything is baked onsite, and if you stop in you can actually see the bakers at work.  Their menu is seasonal and inspired by local ingredients.  They are happy to work with you if you want a custom flavor for your event or choose from their impressive list, some of their favorite flavors are:

Salted Toffee ~ Blackberry Lavender ~ Cinnamon Sugar ~ Vanilla Glaze ~ Lemon Honey Pistachio
Pomegranate Dark Chocolate ~ French Roast ~ Lemon Coconut ~ Chocolate Ganache ~ Raspberry Dark Chocolate
Birthday Cake ~ Mint Dark Chocolate ~ S’mores ~ Peanut Butter Chocolate





All photos courtesy of Blackbird’s website and facebook page.

{Hidden GEM} The Coffee Trike

Written by Tania Atkinson

So, this really has nothing to do with weddings, it won’t help out any new bride or anyone planning an upcoming event, however, it is just a fabulous idea we wanted to share.  The Coffee Trike is an entirely self-contained coffee tricycle found rolling around Dewey Square on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in downtown Boston every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm.


Founder Alessandro Bellino started “pedaling” his business in 2012 following a stint as a barrister at a small coffee shop in Lexington, Ma.  Just a few short years after seeing his dream come to fruition, this hand crafted, custom built  Trike was named in Business Insiders “50 Coolest Small Business Ideas in America”.


The Coffee Trike embraces the concept of providing a simple menu of perfectly concocted espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas as well as cold coffee beverages all made with locally brewed coffee and milk and cream from local dairies.


The Coffee Trike is an environmentally friendly mobile gourmet beverage cart that brings joy to Boston’s downtown business crowd as well as the out of town  tourists, twelve months a year guaranteeing personalized attention and detail to every drink.


All photos via The Coffee Trike website.

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